Under Floor Heating

Laser Plumbing Hamilton West provides installation and maintenance of under floor heating systems across the Waikato region, so that you and your family are kept cosy even when the temperature drops.

Imagine stepping from your bed onto warm carpet or picture your young children playing comfortably on heated tiles. Keep your home cosy and dry with an under floor heating system.

Under floor heating uses radiant heating instead of conventional heating which means heat energy is emitted from a warm element under the floor surface, warming people and objects in the room directly rather than heating the air. This makes it a much more efficient use of energy and therefore cost effective.

What are the benefits of under floor heating?

  • Warm, heated floors under tiled & carpeted areas
  • Control & automation
  • Cost effective power consumption
  • Eco-friendly efficient use of energy
  • Low maintenance
  • Silent

A warm floor is a great feature for any home and can provide a more pleasant environment for both tiled and carpeted areas. It is silent, low maintenance and you have the ability for precise temperature regulation for individual rooms as well as daily or seasonal timers.

Stay warm and cosy with an under floor heating system. Contact Laser Plumbing Hamilton West for a 'Totally Dependable' service.

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